Welcome to
Rockin The Spectrum (RTS) 

A place where your loved one can be themselves, you can be you, and we can learn together in a judgement free socializing environment 

Welcome to our Clubhouse!

Hello families! 

A place where your child can be themselves, you can be you, and we can learn together. An area that is judgment free and fun! A Clubhouse for Special Needs of all ages and their loved ones. A place that would be resource for struggling families like for food and home goods. A place where families can come together and socialize, get together and have fun. Have dinner and a movie, and many more different activities. Family fun activities Parents Nights Out, Hang out, and Make Friends ..... Birthday Parties (On site mailbox for birthday cards for kids with no families), Sensory Gym, Restaurant on Site, Support Group (Sibling and Parent).  

We are raising money for our clubhouse! (Gofundme)

We are raising money for our clubhouse! Please donate today or share! Link to our gofundme is below!

Would you like to donate to help a family or further our future goals? 

With your help, we can help more families, we will be able to further our goals, such as Parents Night Out and Our New Clubhouse.

Thank you for your donation, you can click on the link below and make a donation! We are a not-for profit 501(c)3! (this will direct you to our square donation page)

We've got the goods! 

What's the goods? We've finally got merchandise! We've got a variety of designs that you can check out on our merchandise page or click the tab below to be taken to the page! 

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We're 501(c)3 friendly! 

We have great news! 

In 2021, we have officially become a not-for profit 501(c)3 friendly company that's rockin our way to helping special needs of all ages and their loved ones!  

Our Rockin Services!

The services that we provide, along with pricing, is listed below.  Please contact us for more information!

Support Groups

Parent/Guardian, Sibling, and Autism Hangout.

These support groups are through zoom until further notice. Please look at our event calendar

Game Nights! 

We play our games through zoom every other Thursday!
If you have any suggestions, please take the survey!

                       About Us 

                                                      Hello everyone! 

We just wanted to introduce ourselves a bit. We are a family who has a loved one with special needs. My daughter is 24, she has severe autism and is nonverbal. We have had many times in her life, where behaviors were an issue. Because of that, we were unable to get her the much needed help that we so needed! We ended up spending her whole life trying to find something that didn't exist, so we wanted and needed to change that. We don't turn away behaviors.  We decided to open Rockin The Spectrum in July, 2019, to make a much needed change in the way our families are taken care of. 
We have a unique way of treating families and employees with the respect, safety, and consideration that both need, we work as a team, to reach the next step. 
Our experience comes from raising my daughter, working in countless classrooms, helping families build IEPs, running and building a private specials needs school and working with several schools to design programs to help service children and adults, who the schools could not reach.  

In 2021, we have offical become a not-for profit, 501(c)3! We are on our way to big things!

       We've got some great news! 

We are now starting the process to opening our Clubhouse! 

Learn more about our Clubhouse by clicking here!

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

09:00 am – 06:00pm

Saturday - Sunday

Appointments only


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